In this course we study three films: Spider, A Beautiful Mind, and Fight Club. The main focus of the course will be the ways in which psychosis is represented in the films in terms of macro, plot, narrative structure and micro etc. We consider the wider cultural meaning and implication of films dealing with psychology.

Ages 16+ download link 

An introduction to the Impressionist movement in France, with students being allowed to select an artist to focus on for in-depth study. The course is an example of the use of Conditional activities and Activity completion.

Ages 14+ download link 

In this module we will analyse two very significant films - City of God and La Haine, both of which depict violent lives in poor conditions, the former in the favelas of Brazil and the latter in a Parisian banlieue. We will look at how conflict and class are portrayed, focusing particularly on the use of mise en scène.

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This course is designed for students studying Russian history. While it is aimed at British students working towards an examination, the content is suitable for any class studying the subject.

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An  introduction for younger children to Google Earth/Google Maps,focusing on  the Geography of Place. Conditional activities are set so that once the students have watched the video and click the tick/checkbox, all the activities will then appear. 

Ages 8-10 download link

An introductory module to the study of Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey, commonly known as the Lake Poets.

Ages 15+: download link

This is a Google Street View Mystery (inspired by Vincent Everett of Northgate High). It is designed for English speaking children who have studied French for 2 or 3 years but may also be adapted for other classes as wished. Access to Google Street view is essential and the course makes considerable use of Conditional activities. If you are using the course, make sure they are set up correctly.

Ages 14+ download link