This collaboration decision support tool has been designed as a resource to aid organisations considering entering into or forming collaborations to (a) help to determine if collaboration is the most appropriate model,  (b) assess current capacity and capability to undertake collaborative action, and (c) offer strategies and resources with which to go forward. It is informed by a strong evidence base drawn from research and practice.

You will be working through tasks that will support you to learn some facts and perspectives of the lives of people from various cultures. It is expected that while working through this resource, you will have a desire to read more and learn more of challenges that these people face in their everyday lives. 

Journey 1

  • The meaning of culture and reflect on your own cultural identity and predispositions.
  • Awareness of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander culture, history and language
  • Ways to communicate effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Journey 2

  • Discuss cultural identity and gain cultural knowledge
  • Cross cultural understanding and an environment that support all cultures.

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